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This visa is for people who are qualified with work experience in their field. It aims to meet Australia's skills shortages and gives successful applicants permanent residence. This visa is appropriate for those who hold a university qualification or trade qualifications and is points tested. You can conduct a points test on our website under the heading “GSM Points Test”.

To apply for this visa you must be qualified, under 45 years of age when you apply. Your nominated occupation must match your skills and qualifications and be on the list of approved occupations for migration to Australia. The occupations lists change as a result of advice to the Department from the Department of Education and Training on a six monthly basis.

A positive skills assessment by the relevant Australian skills assessing body is an essential step in achieving this visa. Our office can assist in the preparation and lodgement of the Skills Assessment.

You may need to demonstrate recent work experience for a period of time in your field, or in another field that is closely related and on the skilled occupation list. In addition, you have to meet certain English level standards and also meet the health, character and public interest criteria.

To receive an invitation for this visa you must exceed the pass mark for your occupation in the Points Test. Points are allocated for for a range of factors including, qualifications, age, English language ability, work experience, your spouse's skills. Additional points can be allocated to applicants for a range of different reasons. We will make a detailed examination of your education, employment history and other relevant matters to ensure you achieve the maximum points available.

Expression of Interest is essential for applicants considering GSM pathway. Applicants can then be nominated by Australia employers or state and territory governments through the Skill Select portal, however, if you achieve sufficient points you can apply on the basis of a genuine job offer opposed to state or employer sponsorship. An invitation is required before an application for a visa can be lodged. The invitations are extended from the Government to persons in the Expression of Interest pool.