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Work Visa

This visa is suitable for people who are qualified in occupations where Skills Shortages are apparent as determined by Skilled occupation lists. It aims to meet Australia's skills shortages and gives successful applicants permanent residence. This visa is appropriate for those who hold a university qualification or trade qualifications.

As an Employee You Must:

Be nominated to work in an approved nominated occupation in a Skilled Occupation specified by legislative instrument which will change from time to time to meet skills shortages;

  • Meet the skill requirement for the nominated occupation;
  • Meet registration and licensing obligations, if any;
  • Satisfy the level English required for the visa and occupation;
  • Have been nominated by a business in a genuine occupation;
  • Be under 45 years age at time of application;

(Age, English language exemptions may apply)


To become a sponsor, you must be able to show that the business:

  • Lawfully operates;
  • Has no relevant adverse information; or that information should be disregarded;
  • Satisfy Labour Market Testing and demonstrate a commitment to employing local labour as well as non-discriminatory recruitment practices.

Work Visa - Temporary

Visa Requirements

There is no age limit for this visa;

  • Your nominated occupation must be Skilled and on an Occupation list specified by Legislative Instrument;
  • Evidence your Skills and Qualifications;
  • Meet health and character requirements;
  • Meet the English language criteria;
  • Evidence of adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia unless exempt by reciprocal health arrangements between Australia and your home country.

Temporary Visa – Visitor – Business Activity – Family Sponsored - Tourism

There are a range of visitor visas available to allow persons to enter and remain in Australia for a period of time imposed by the Department. The application charge differs for on-shore and off-shore applicants. The visas are risk tiered and range from simple applications receiving automatic grants to complex applications requiring a substantial amount of evidence. Applications are risk tiered by country profile.